Tips for Choosing the Right Bracelet

On your own or as something special, a bracelet adds a dash of style to your wrist. As well as for fall, it’s a must-have item, either as a couple of bangles or a sizable cuff.

However, like any little bit of jewelry, bracelets may match your individual style or clash with it completely. Unsure in what works? Examine these tips:

Understand how large your wrist is before you get. To get this done, gauge the circumference with a tape measure. Any style you decide on, then, should be 3/4ths associated with an inch to at least one 1.5 inches larger. The bigger the size, the higher the drape it has. But take note: An excessive amount of drape, and the bracelet may slide off.

From here, understand the partnership between your bracelet’s size as well as your wrist’s width. Generally, smaller, narrower wrists should avoid large, bulky styles.

Select a Style for stackable bracelets
Have you been more of a cuff person, or a bangle person? Or is a charm bracelet more your thing?

Each one of these looks includes its subset of styles. Charm bracelets, for instance, are divided by link type: cable, traditional, multi-link, or custom. From here, you can choose the pieces you’d like, and spread them out as you want. Space them evenly, get a cluster effect, or decide on a vintage-inspired style.

Bangles, on the other hand, have been the on-trend look for recent seasons.Their everyday nature makes them popular with practically everyone. Therefore, whether you use it or give it as something special, the set will receive a fair amount of mileage.

Is It something special?
Much like any little bit of jewelry, bracelets must get worn. So, when you decide on them as something special, make sure they can fit the individual and their individual tastes.

Unsure in what works? An instant trick is, have a peak into that person’s earrings box. Then, look into the pieces they like and what size they prefer their bracelets.